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A Passion for Creativity

Submitted by: Ari Berger

I am a creative thinker with a genuine desire to learn new things. I earned a degree in marketing, and in my free time I've developed self-taught skills in graphic design, writing, video production/editing, publishing and animation.


Touro College

I am currently:

A graduate of the college above

What would make you the ideal Affect intern?

I'm sure there are a host of qualified applicants who would do exceptional work if they were to win the internship. Every candidate will tell you they'll give you 110% and that they have acquired the skills necessary to do a great job. While those things are true of myself as well, I believe I'm a different kind of candidate. I won't throw a host of buzzwords up on this page in an effort to impress you with my encyclopedic knowledge of all things marketing and business related. Instead, I hope to impress you with my passion and my experience. My passion doesn't stem from a desire to land a great job or wrangle a high paying salary; It stems from a genuine desire to learn, to grow and above all, to create. I have experience working on a host of different campaigns; not simply for homework, but in the real world.

These aren't empty words. I graduated with a degree in marketing but in my own time I've taught myself graphic design, video production and editing, a bit of web design and animation. I've also recently started a blog where I can share my poetry and short stories. Some of these pursuits certainly helped in my professional life but for the most part I chased these interests because I really did enjoy discovering and exploring new mediums through which I could express my creativity.

As a member of the Affect team, I would bring this passion and experience to the office every day and take on every new challenge with a smile on my face. Not only would I fit seamlessly into the attitude and culture of the Affect office, I feel I would positively contribute to it.

What are you passionate about within the field of public relations and social media?

I am fascinated by how people think, and more specifically, consumer behavior. Twenty (or even ten) years ago, extracting relevant data through market research was a heck of a lot of work. While it's still work nowadays, the deluge of information that accompanied the rise of social media is staggering. It gives companies an unprecedented, unfiltered glimpse into the mind of the consumer. It works the other way, too, of course. With this direct line of communication, companies are taking advantage of new and exciting paths directly to the consumer. All of this exciting new territory to work with and we're likely only witnessing the beginning! As with newspaper, radio, TV or any other medium, the continued maturation of social media will bring with it more exciting opportunities to connect with the mind of the consumer.

How would an internship at Affect impact your career?

After watching the video on the About page and reading blog entries from last year’s winner, it's clear that Affect knows how to work hard without taking itself too seriously. This, more than anything else, convinced me to submit my entry. For the past five years, I worked for a small non-profit organization in New York that has a similar culture. I was worried that in order to advance my career I would have to sacrifice that attitude in order to fit into a faceless and drab corporate environment. An internship at Affect would allow me to have my cake and eat it too. (Unless it's coconut, in which case, you can keep your cake - thank you very much.) I could have stayed at my old job, but I was eager to take on new challenges and opportunities. At the risk of sounding over dramatic, an internship at Affect would allow me to take the next step in my career without selling my soul.

If you were to win, what are you most looking forward to doing or learning at the internship?

Simply put, the opportunity I'm most looking forward to is confronting challenges outside my comfort zone. I don't have a lot of experience working with clients and the opportunity to do so is important both for my professional and personal growth.

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work on varying aspects of marketing campaigns but on a relatively small and narrow scale. I look forward to sinking my teeth into larger and more varied campaigns.

Why would you like to live and work in New York this summer?

I grew up in a small suburb, I studied at a modest university and most recently, worked for a tiny organization. I've been comfortable and sheltered throughout, but I'm ready to break the pattern. I'm ready to move on and move up. I'm ready to take on bigger opportunities and challenges and dreams - is there a better place to do that than New York?

Would you like to include links to your social media presences? Remember, only appropriate social media profiles allowed!

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Ari Berger said:

Posted 3 years 18 weeks ago

Thank you to all those who voted so far!

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