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Oh, To NYC I'll Go! - A Dr. Seuss Parody

Submitted by: Katey Kimpel

My name is Katey Kimpel and I am a senior at The University of Akron. My major is in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and my minor is in Consumer Marketing. To date, I have taken 15 courses in marketing, communications, and public relations. Here is my entry video that is a parody of the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, The Places You Will Go!"


The University of Akron

I am currently:

A student at the college above

What would make you the ideal Affect intern?

Besides all the things I've said on my submission video, I have other attributes that would make me the ideal intern for Affect PR. My unique combination of experience in marketing, campus involvement, collegiate courses, and passion for social media would make me an ideal candidate for this intern position. I currently hold executive positions on two organizations that have provided me with ample experience with public relations and marketing. Through these executive positions, I have had the opportunity to create and manage social media accounts, and I have enhanced my event planning skills through the creation and implementation of new organizational events. Moreover, I was in charge of designing an annual report and annual plan through the use of Adobe software. I believe that the expertise I’ve earned through hard work, combined with my motivation and enthusiasm will make me an extraordinary asset to Affect PR.

What are you passionate about within the field of public relations and social media?

I love working with the public. I have found out at a very young age that not only is it what I'm good at, but it is also something I adore. Within public relations, I am passionate about integrated marketing communications as well as promotions, event planning, brand management to name a few. I have grown to appreciate the effectiveness of social media and it's ability to reach so many people quickly and efficiently.

How would an internship at Affect impact your career?

As a Communication major with an emphasis in Public Relations, I understand how important internship experiences are in preparing me for my career. I am eager to find an internship that will represent the culmination of my college experience and allow me to utilize my education and skills to produce top-quality work and excellent results for an organization. An internship with Affect PR would be an immense aide in the advancement of my future career in the public relations field upon graduation. It would allow me to gain real-world experience as well as provide educational enrichment since I will get the chance to apply the knowledge I've gained throughout my collegiate education. The uniqueness and prestige associated with Affect PR would greatly set myself apart from other candidates vying for the
same full-time positions in the near future. Moreover, it would be an incredible opportunity to network and gain new resources within the business world. All of these factors associated with receiving an internship with Affect PR will be invaluable when it comes to making choices about my future career path.

If you were to win, what are you most looking forward to doing or learning at the internship?

If I were to win the intern position with Affect PR, the thing I would look forward the most to would be working with professionals in the industry and getting to learn from them. Furthermore, to be able to integrate what I've learned through my collegiate courses as well as my past internships to a different environment.

Why would you like to live and work in New York this summer?

Growing up, I have had numerous chances to travel to New York City with my family. I love the atmosphere of the city. It would be a great adventure to be there as a young adult and be able to experience the city with a different perspective than I did as a child. It's more than just a new environment, it is the unique "New York" experience that I'm looking forward too. There is no other place on earth like New York City for an unparalleled public relations opportunity.

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Comments (22)

Kelli Shultz said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

You won't find a better candidate for this internship than Katey! She is a hard working young lady with big dreams and a great work ethic! Great job on the video, Katey! Your hard work will pay off!

Courtney Ou said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

I'm SO proud of you Katey =] Can't wait to visit you when you ace that interview!

Bob Slavin said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

Great job Katey! Congrats on everything you've accomplished this year! You deserve this!

Steve Altier said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

Pulling for you! I also had the chance to check out your website and its amazing! You have a wonderful talent!

Chad Miller said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

Good luck!!!

Jim Melone said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

GREAT entry! You knocked the rest out of the water!

Marshall said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

Excellent video! Good luck!!

Emily Dickinson said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

So proud of you girl!

Cory said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

No better candidate for the job!

Kristen said:

Posted 3 years 22 weeks ago

So proud of everything you've accomplished!

Angela Cowan Kauth said:

Posted 3 years 23 weeks ago

Good Luck!! Hope up win! I voted today!!

Samantha Schaber said:

Posted 3 years 23 weeks ago

Its always been a pleasure to work with you Katey!!! I know you are the best applicant because your entry is creative and professional! You are such a charismatic and confident girl, good luck in NYC!

Kiley said:

Posted 3 years 23 weeks ago

You blow the competition out of the water Katey! NYC better look out!

Kathy Smith Alfriend said:

Posted 3 years 23 weeks ago

Great job Katey! Hoping you win!

Lisa DeWitt said:

Posted 3 years 24 weeks ago

You have my vote! Good luck!! =)

Scott Turner said:

Posted 3 years 24 weeks ago

No other applicants had such a creative video! Good for you! I'm pulling for you

Satish Jatain said:

Posted 3 years 24 weeks ago

Good Luck Katey..

Cathy Hall said:

Posted 3 years 24 weeks ago

Good Luck Katey! You have my vote!

Emily said:

Posted 3 years 24 weeks ago

Way to go Katey!! I know you will do awesome in NYC

Katie Jo said:

Posted 3 years 24 weeks ago

Go Katey! Your video is by far the best.

Beverly Gantley LaPointe said:

Posted 3 years 24 weeks ago

by far the best...good luck!

Molly Howard said:

Posted 3 years 25 weeks ago

Katey - this video is excellent. Not only does it show your creativity, but it brings good insight to your personality. You are so fun, and you actually get what is means to be in PR. If I could vote for you 100,000,000 times, I would. Good luck! I know you'd be the best pick for affect.

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